Get that Community Feeling this Pride Month

Gay Abandon. Saturday Night at the Movies. Leeds College of Music. Photo by Karen Hope, Saturday June 22 2013.

It feels like Pride month is more important than ever at the moment. The sense of community that it provides to so many people is exactly what we need: to feel supported, a part of something bigger than ourselves, and loved.

This Pride month, while you’re waving rainbow flags and celebrating, why don’t you also do something that actively supports LGBTQ+ people in your local community and foster that sense of togetherness? You could:

  • Donate money or time to LGBTQ+ charities or causes. Those who are Trans particularly need financial support due to the 5+ year wait time to receive live-saving medical treatment from the NHS.
  • Advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and causes. Now is an excellent time to write to your local MP or Councillor to ask for change regarding LGBTQ+ rights. Or if you don’t quite feel up to that, just write positive messages and comments on news articles that you see online.
  • Check in on LGBTQ+ members of your community. Between the pandemic and their personal circumstances, they could be feeling very isolated and would appreciate having someone reach out to them.

This Pride, let’s work harder than ever to make sure that everyone feels a part of our community!

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