Back to In Person Rehearsals

Big Hair Do. Leeds College of Music, June 2009
Photographer: Karen Hope

Earlier this month, our fantastic committee had conversations about the choir going back to face-to-face rehearsals, and it got us thinking…

As well as being incredibly exciting, going back to singing in a room full of people feels quite…nerve-wracking? Anxieties about COVID-19 aside, whenever someone mentions going back to in person rehearsals, we get a feeling in our stomach that’s like the jitters of going back to school after the summer holiday – will we remember how to sing in a group of people? Can we actually still hold a harmony? Will we have things to talk about with people in the break, besides our latest banana-bread baking disaster? Will rehearsals still feel the same?

The truth of it is – we won’t know until we’re back in the room, preparing to warm up and with baking anecdotes at the ready in case anyone asks. Just like the first day back at school when we were younger, we’re sure it will be weird at first pretending to be in boat while singing the word “OAR” in a weird accent (a favourite warm up of the choir as you can get great photos of Jane looking silly). But the thing that’s keeping my spirits up and the nervousness at manageable levels is that we’re sure, just like those first days back at school, we’ll soon find our groove again. And one thing is definitely sure – mixed up in all those feelings of nervousness is a genuine excitement that’s going to have us awake all night the night before we’re back!

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