Spring is in the Air

Hands of Friendship, Gay Abandon’s 20th Anniversary Concert, Leeds College of Music, 21st July 2018
Photographer: Dawn Kilne

The air is fresh, the flowers are blooming (at least in Helen’s garden they are!), and Callum, our Marketing guy, is sneezing up a storm – Spring is here at last!

The days are finally starting to feel longer, and the extra sunshine (well, the sunshine we get in Great Britain) is giving everyone’s mood a bit of a boost. It’s even having an effect on our Zoom rehearsals – everyone joins the session with a smile on their face, and has that little bit more energy. It’s very invigorating!

It’s also great because there is a shared sense that we are finally approaching the light after a very long, dark tunnel. There’s talk of singing in person again, potentially some small performances, and maybe, just maybe, an in person social gathering. Imagine!

The advent of Spring and the start of our Summer term is always a nice time for the choir. As a rule, we feel uplifted. But this time it feels extra special – let’s just keep our finger’s crossed for the future!

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