Small Moments of Activism

Nowt so Queer as Folk, November 2016
Photographer: Dawn Kilner

This LGBTQI+ History Month, we here at Gay Abandon are celebrating those small, quiet moments of activism that comes with being a part of our wonderful community.

Activism isn’t always about grand, momentous events or huge parades (though don’t get us wrong, we love a good parade!), especially when it comes to fighting for LGBTQI+ rights. It’s also about the small gestures that we make in our everyday lives, going about our every day business.

At Gay Abandon, we change the lyrics of the songs we sing so they better reflect our own lives, or so they become more inclusive of the wider LGBTQI+ community. Where possible, we also try to champion music sung, written, or arranged by other LGBTQI+ artists and groups. There are numerous other little things we do or changes we make, so many in fact that it would be almost impossible to list them here in this little blog.

A lot of people outside of Gay Abandon wouldn’t necessarily describe us as activist, yet many members of the choir do, and it’s because of these small acts of activism that we do every Tuesday night.

There’s power in our little moments of rebellion and activism, so what are yours?

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