Community Spirit

Hands of Friendship, Gay Abandon’s 20th Anniversary Concert, Leeds College of Music, 21st July 2018
Photographer: Dawn Kilner

If this pandemic has taught the choir anything, it’s that we’re more than just a choir, we’re a community.

In the past, we’ve always tried to be more than just a group of LGBT+ people who get together on a weekly basis and sing, organising trips out together, Weekends Away, and socials like bowling, karaoke, and Soup and Sarnie nights before rehearsals. However, amazingly, this kind of activity actually increased when we were unable to meet together face to face.

An online book club emerged , bringing together people who wouldn’t normally chat at a rehearsal through their love of good LGBT+ literature. Our section leads went above and beyond as caretakers of the people in their sections, contacting people who hadn’t been able to join our online rehearsals to make sure they were okay and still felt involved in the choir. Members of the choir even volunteered to organise online socials, which included everything from treasure hunts to quizzes, so that the choir was able to maintain it’s social element that we all know and love.

It has been lovely seeing how much our members care about the choir, not just the singing bits, but all the other bits that make Gay Abandon as special as it is. Everyone has worked so hard to maintain the community spirit that Gay Abandon has, and we know that it is that that will keep us going right through to the end of this difficult time.

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