2020, And that’s a Wrap!

Nowt so Queer as Folk, Leeds College of Music, November 2016
Photographer: Dawn Kilner

Well, we think it’s fair to say that 2020 has been quite a year and we’re glad to see the back of it!

However, while its easy to focus on the bad, we thought we’d challenge ourselves by trying to come up with some positive things that we’ve realised this year. Here are some of the things we’ve come up with:

– We’re more than just a choir, we’re a community – when coronavirus struck, one of the things we were most concerned about was not whether we could keep on singing, but whether we could keep on being there for each other. We set up online rehearsals so that people could maintain a sense of normality and routine in and amongst everything that was going on, and checked in on those that weren’t able to make those rehearsals. We continued socialising, coming up with creative ways to spend time together that was interactive and fun (huge thank you to Brian for leading his book club, and Callum, Joe, Camilla, and Fiona for organising brilliant socials!). And we were kind to each other, encouraging everyone to reach out and talk if they needed help. For a choir that prides itself on being friendly, this is something that has been very inspirational to us

– We’re pretty darn resilient – Given that we aren’t regularly funded, and that we’re run by a group of volunteers who all have day jobs and aren’t arts professionals, we’ve done phenomenally well to keep the choir going during this difficult period. We’ve realised we’re stronger than we thought we were, and that it’ll take a lot to knock us off our feet! (Also, and on the lighter side, we’ve all realised were way better at using computers than we thought we were too!)

– We’ve achieved a lot this year – Despite everything the year has thrown at us, we have re-branded and built a brand new website, continued learning new songs and taking part in virtual events, and hosted a successful AGM, electing a new committee to lead us through 2021. Phew, no wonder we feel like we need this break!

2020 will always be considered a “bad year” (and that’s probably putting it mildly), but we’ve found it helpful to remember the good things that happened too, so they aren’t forgotten and overshadowed.

We’ve all done things to be proud of this year – let’s make sure we celebrate them!

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