And we’re back! Sort of!

Photo Credit: Viperia Images, Gay Abandon Gets Fruity, Kala Sangam, 6th July 2019

This Tuesday marked the start of our new Autumn term, and we we’re thrilled to be back! Even if it was singing through a screen in our living rooms, kitchens, hallways (looking at you Chris).

The first Tuesday back after the Summer term is always a bit of a special time for the choir. It has all the excitement of a new year, filled with promises of adventures, escapades, and, of course, singing and new songs. And surprisingly this Tuesday managed to retain that feeling, despite the physical distance between us all. Not a single person left the Zoom call without a smile on their face and we all feel we have a new lease on life.

Yes, things are a little bit different than our usual start to the Autumn term. But it’s nice as well to know that somethings stay the same, no matter how much change we’ve gone through.

Here’s to another new term at Gay Abandon, let’s see what this one brings!

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