Gay Abandon’s New Home (and Look!)

It’s been a bit of a crazy time at the moment. For us here at Gay Abandon, we’ve sadly had to stop taking on new members, have postponed our up-coming concert, and, possibly the most difficult of all, we’ve had to figure out how to use Zoom (Jane, you have the patience of a rock for dealing with all that technology!).

However, these changes haven’t all been negative. Deciding to take advantage of the imposed “downtime”, we accelerated our plans to re-brand ourselves, designing a new logo and building this very website that you’re currently visiting. It’s quite nice isn’t it?

We think so, and we’d like to thank Associate Choir Member Colin Beesting for the design of our stylish new logo, and Richard Parkin and Callum Holt for designing and building a website that will hopefully last.

Welcome to our new digital home. Have a look around, make yourselves at comfortable.

We hope you like it.

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