Reflections from a New Member

I thought for this month’s blog, it would be nice to share with you all a reflection that a new member of the choir has written about their experiences of joining this term (especially as by now you’re probably a little bored of everything I’ve written!). It’s lovely hearing from someone else that our choir really is the friendly, welcoming place we try and make it. Have a read yourself:

“Having previously had experience of singing with other groups, joining Gay Abandon has proven to be a fantastic choice for my Husband and I.

“We were looking to join a group that would fulfil our hopes of making new friends while finding a hobby that we both enjoyed; finding the Gay Abandon choir has been more than either of us could have hoped for.

“We were both welcomed with open arms by every member of the Choir and quickly found our place. Every rehearsal we’re learning new songs while reminding ourselves of number we’ve previously learnt.

“The Choir Master, Jane, is just fantastic! Each week she makes sure everyone is included and confident with what they are singing and she clearly puts a lot of work into the performance programmes, rehearsal music and arrangements. You never feel pressured to perform and, not only is the Choir inclusive, they are thoughtful, generous and giving.

“Joining Gay Abandon has been an incredibly positive experience and I can’t wait to sing with them for many years to come!”

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